Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good News yet some Uncertainty

Well, I wish I could say something concrete about what's going to happen in the next 2 weeks for Dean.  But I can't.  The reason is not one single doctor/nurse/staff person can know for sure what's going to happen or when things will happen.  So much is dependent on so many things, it's like nailing Jell-O to the wall.

So, for the GREAT news!  Dean's surgeon Dr. D. said the surgical spot is LOOKING GREAT and he was going to ask that someone at Kindred remove the sutures, but then realized who he was asking to do this, so he schedule a follow up on 11/21 to remove the sutures.

However, Dean is going to ask his wound care doctor Dr. M next time he sees him (hopefully this week) if they are ready to come out can he do it then.  Dean's pretty sure that Dr. D scheduled it 2 weeks out because of scheduling not because his wound is not healing.  Dr. A (aka Bow tie) even said the wound looks good, so that's not hopefully going to hold us up from coming home.

What IS going to hold us up from him coming home is his blood work.

His latest blood test has shown that his numbers have not gone down for the 2nd week in a row.  Again, these numbers are the lowest they have been since his initial surgery, and have stayed the same after 1 week.  We also just learned he will be scheduled for an MRI this week, and has a promise to get the results back to him within a few hours.  He is not confident it will be the same day, but hopefully it will be.

So, now, the scenarios are this:

  1. The MRI shows nothing.  Antibiotics will stop, and we will then be waiting on wound healing and suture removal.  Like I said above he's going to inquire with Dr. M to see if it can be done sooner than 11/21.  Let's hope for this!
  2. The MRI shows something.  SCARY, and we are praying the MRI shows nothing.  If it does show something we will have to consult with Dr. M and Dr. D to see if surgery is advised and when it should/could be done. 

IF (gosh I HATE IF's) all goes well, I'm hoping to push to get Dean released before Thanksgiving. His follow up on 11/21 is cutting it close (no pun intended) but if we get those sutures out sooner we may not need to wait for this and healing can continue at home.

IF IF IF IF IF So tired of IF.  But, we heard no bad news about his numbers this week, which we are eternally grateful for.

Oh, and HOW ABOUT THEM AGGIES!!!  WHOOP!  But what the?  still not ranked?  we beat the #3 team!  Granted on THEIR mistakes, but we capitalized on them!  Way to Go Aggies!

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