Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Update on Dean

So, here is the latest on Dean...

After finally getting some good news last week, we unfortunately got some "not so good" news.  I won't say bad, because we are still waiting to see what's going to happen through this week and next to say if it's bad or not.

We found out yesterday that Dean's blood work numbers, although the lowest they have been since he has been in the hospital, did not improve over this week like they did last week. If they don't improve over the next two weeks another MRI will be scheduled.  We are trying to get them to schedule it now so if needed we don't have to wait another week for the MRI.  However, they seem reluctant to do so for some reason.  If they don't schedule the MRI early he will have to wait another week or so for the appointment, which means he will have to be in the Hell On Earth Kindred over Thanksgiving.  We are planning on insisting they schedule for the week of the 18th if the numbers do not improve next week.  They take his blood test samples every Monday.

The problem Dr Z (internal disease doctor) is having is we don't have a baseline of non-infection blood work so these numbers may be normal for Dean. The numbers, which we don't know what they are since they use medical terms we are not familiar with, are apparently very sensitive and can go "up" for something simple like a sinus infection or UTI, so there is a chance he is okay to go home at this level after the 6 weeks of IV antibiotics that started October 7th.  The sixth week is November 18, the week before Thanksgiving (11/27).

His follow up with Dr D (the surgeon) is Friday. If we have to have an MRI after two weeks, AND it shows nothing, AND Dr D says his surgery wound is healing fine, then he may be able to come home, which at this point we will most likely insist that he's released. 

So, if you could please pray that the surgery wound is healing, and his surgeon is happy with the way things are going on Friday, and that his blood work is okay and they actually LISTEN to Dean and schedule the MRI when we ask.

Upside down Superman Jake. 
He was being really silly and wanted to show Dean, so I took this and sent it.

Anybody up for Monster Toast??? :)

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