Monday, July 28, 2014

Keep the Updates a coming...

Hello!  Everybody is loving the updates I'm doing here so I'll keep Em comin!

I returned to work.  Ya see I work in one of the best places to work in Houston.  It's true,  Insperity is always in the top 5 in Houston! ! Not only that, I work with the best team in my department.  That's more of an opinion but still, I do.  I have a light load and they also feel family is the most important thing.  Best. Job. Ever!!!

While I'm at work and Jake is at daycare,  my awesome Mother is with Dean helping any way she can.  Lovely Mommy! I hope I'm at least half as good as she is at being a mom!

Dean went for his Picc Line around 2pm.  However there was a huge back up and he didn't get back to the room until 7:30!!  It's like hospitals have absolutely no sense of time.  I know they have to do things in order but really? A 20 minute procedure should not take 5 hours of waiting to get it done. Hurry up and wait all the time!!!  So very frustrating.   But it went well and hopefully it will help.  My mother stayed there all day! Bless her!!!


Back to work again.  Jake is still getting used to his Daddy being at the hospital but he is a trooper and doing well. Issues with the daycare asside.  His room teacher seems to be on her own schedule and it's not Kids r kids schedule.  He had to stay in another room until 10am!!  Anyway. ..

Dean seemed to be doing well this morning.  His mom and niece are going to visit him this afternoon.  Jake and I will be going there this evening.  Apparently it's National hot wing day. I will be bringing some.  Shhhhhhhhhh!! Don't tell!

So....He loved the hot wings! ! It was fun! Ever Jake liked the mild ones! Then we had several desserts and got to laugh and talk for a nice evening. 

Surgery is Wednesday afternoon or evening.  Not sure. We are seeing this as the beginning of his heeling and are ready to start the next phase!

Monday. Watching the Fox and the Hound. 
Bad ol hunters! :)

Tuesday at the hospital they had a sports memorabilia area set up. Didn't get anything though.

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