Thursday, July 24, 2014

So, we are waiting...

The next couple of days will be slow and the same.  Every 2 hours vitals. Shift changes. Figuring out schedules. Time is fast. Then slow.  But we will work all this out.

If you want to come see Dean please let me know and we can arrange some time.  Afternoons are better than mornings for visitors.


Dean got all the outstanding things he needed from after surgery, his personal items and a bed cover.  Not what we were expecting but it's a good air mattress.  I went home to get some things and play with Jack and Buddy. And bring Jake to see his Daddy. First thing he asked is "Daddy! Are you all better?" Sweet kid. We got to eat together.  One of Dean's friends, Dale, was able to visit, and it was nice.  After Jake and Mother left I hung around a little then went home to sleep.


I got up early and beet the traffic to get to the hospital at 6:30.  Dean had some visitors today. Dean's mom Linda and niece Linda Jean came by just before lunch. Deans friend Brian Galloway came by shortly after.  Dean's brother Doug came by in the afternoon.   

We got to talk to his surgeon and discussed the follow up.  He does have some infections and will be treated with IV drops for 6 weeks or more. Jake and Mother came up and we had one of the casseroles I made,  tater tot casserole with veggies and ground beef. Was delish! Jake of course charmed everybody he saw and got candy from a doctor and ice cream from Dean's tech. He is really being a good boy.  I went home last night to get some sleep. 

This Lego was put there Tuesday. It has not moved since. Not sure what's holding it

Friday morning.  I haven't been stopped by a train in a long time!!!

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