Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend Update with Dean A.

Again,  Dean has some infections but if you want to visut. Please ask me. :)

Apparently Houston is under construction.  59 south at Tuam, 288 lanes closed, AND Fannin just as you get to methodist from the zoo is CLOSED!!! Took me an hour to get here leaving at 6am!!

Jake and Mother came up (after a 2 hour drive in traffic! !!) And stayed and hung out with us until after dinner. It was really a good afternoon.  They watched part of an old Lego movie. He loved it! Guess we are gonna have to give the Lego movie a try now! :)

Traffic was way better today! At least Fannin wasn't closed too! :)  As usual the morning was busy. Dean's Uncle Mike and Aunt Pat, and his brother David all came by. Nice afternoon.  Mother and I took Jake to Herman Park to play in the water park. It was a short play but we got to ride the trains! Hoot and Toot for all Disney Jr fans!!!  Evening was nice as we had dinner and watched American Ninja Warrior which is always fun! 

Tomorrow I have to go back to work.  I'm nervous about it but my mother will be with Dean tomorrow.

Please keep praying for Dean!

Sunday morning traffic.  Closures a Tuam and at 288!!!
Saturday - Jake at the Healing Garden. This leaf is bigger than he is!
Sunday Lunch - Pizza with Cool Ranch Doritos! !!

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