Monday, July 21, 2014

So, what ELSE is going on?

Hello Friends and Family.

I wrote the below post yesterday before my Father-In-Law, Durwood, had to be rushed into surgery for his fall yesterday afternoon.  I've revised it a little (if you already read it).  If you want to know more about Durwood, please feel free to ask.

As far as helping out with meals, I was able to cook up a couple of freezer meals this weekend, and in some twist of faith, one of Linda's friends cooked up 12 (yes that's a dozen) freezer meals for us, which will really come in handy now that Linda may need some too!  She was going to store them in their deep freezer anyway.  Please pray for Linda and Durwood as they are also going to go through some rough times.

Original post about Dean:

I know some of you know this, and some of you don't, but I thought it be best to keep everybody updated with what's going on in my blog.  This seems to be the best way people are sharing information these days that need to go to a wide range of people, and it helps the poster (me) to get a few things out there and ask for a prayer request without crying multiple times a day.

So, what ELSE is going on? 

Dean is going to be having surgery Wednesday, 7/23.  We found out he may have a bone infection.  This is a treatable condition, but how severe or not can only be determined with surgery.  Basically, the usual way antibiotics are delivered to the body to fight infection is in the blood, but the blood doesn't go through the bone, so it needs to be surgically explored and cleaned.  We will not know the extent of any infection until after the surgery, but based on the X-rays, which is not always completely reliable in cases as these, it looks like there is an infection.  Again, it could be small but it could also be big.  

Also, we learned last week that after surgery, his recovery may be more that just a few days in the hospital then come home to heal and recover.  He most likely require a long term stay in a facility designed for extensive wound care, and of course there is not one really close to our house.  If we need to use a long term care facility, it's been recommended to use Kindred.  It's funny, coming from a "country girl" who had to drive 30 minutes to the nearest small town, 30 minutes in the Houston Area seems so long to me now.  There is a facility in the medical center, one in Spring, and one in the Heights, all around 20 to 30 minutes away.  There is a Kindred Rehab hospital (ironically it's a SCI/Brain Injury rehab facility) but they do not specialize in the wound care we may need.  So it will most likely be another facility around Houston.

There are pros and cons to Dean staying at a long term care facility.  Pros like he will be cared for 24-7, they specialize in healing, so it *should* be good (Note: if they are not I will make sure they are!), stuff like that.  However, the biggest con is he will not be home.  This is of course the worst part.  It will be hard on both me and Jake, and it's something I am not looking forward too.  But, if the healing is somehow better at a place like this, then we can get it over with and (hopefully) not have to think about it again.

Now, I know all of you are wondering "How can I help".  Right now, we are so in Limbo that we don't really know our needs.  But, believe me, we will ask for help.  If I've learned ANYTHING about the situation we are in, we welcome and ask for help when we need to.  For now, please pray for the surgery to take place as scheduled, as the doctor does not have another opening for 3 months.  Also, pray for the surgery to be successful and be able to clean up anything and take care of anything that is needed for healing.  And, pray for me and Jake to have the strength to support Dean in anyway we can.  Easy cook or freezer meals are a good idea - ready made crock pot recipes where you dump and turn on are awesome for both of us too.

To top it all off, My PHONE DIED!!  :(  Hopefully I didn't loose too much.  I'll be getting a new one tomorrow as it was still on warranty. 

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