Thursday, July 24, 2014

Surgery went well

After a really long day, all said and done, surgery went well.  A follow up surgery will be Wednesday next week.  We have decided its' best to stay in the hospital for the week.  Send me a message if you would like to know which room.

After we got him checked in and in pre-op, we waited.  And waited. And waited.  Apparently the first person on Dean's surgeon's schedule was quite a complicated case. Then, the 2nd one took a good amount of time as well.  They took Dean back abut 5 pm and he was finished around 7. I got to go see him around 8, then we got to Methodist around 9pm.  Settling in for the first night being so late is not easy, but we managed.

Houston Medical Center - it's nice from the 19th floor of the Methodist OPC building.

I was able to have dinner and enjoy a yummy treat while waiting for Dean's surgery to finish.

It was a pretty tough first night, as it usually is the first night in the hospital.  His bed is "on order", he's getting an air mattress bed that helps with healing and is special order.  He just got a more accessible call button so he can call the nurse himself, which he couldn't last night because maintenance was closed for the evening.  So, all in all, the staff here is doing a pretty good job so far.  They are listening to us at least when we tell them what we want them to do.  Hopefully the shifts will stay a little consistent so we don't have to repeat ourselves every time.

Now, the healing and waiting game begins.
Thank you everybody for all your thoughts and prayers.  They are appreciated!!!

And, just in case you haven't heard, here's the latest on Durwood (Dean's Dad) from Linda (Dean's Mom)
7/23/2014 10 pm:
Had a better day. Increased strength in right side, enough to pull out the ventilator tube! Nurse said it was no accident! He didn't like it! Had to reinsert a secondary tube for meds and future tube feeding . Naso-gastric tube is out also. Has remained off sedation all day. All he had was a oxygen mask and will have B-Pap machine tonight. When David & I Spoke to him and held his hand, he tilted his head and tried to open his eyes and squeezed my hand! I needed that Lord! The nurse said his right side was significantly stronger today, yet a bit weaker than left. Am thankful for this encouragement.

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