Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The second surgery


Yeah, I know. It's not getting old, it's really old. Still makes me giggle though. :)

Today is his follow up surgery.  We were expecting it to be this evening but the two people scheduled before him were canceled so we are in pre op by 10:30 am and have already talked to his surgeon and staff,  and hopefully will get him back soon.

Waiting.  The hard part. 3 hours. Lots of reading. 

And so everything went fine.  He had elevated heart rate and blood pressure in recovery so we were there (in a meat locker omg it was freezing!!!) For about an hour or more. He was well taken care of by several doctors.  His surgeon came by and said everything looks better than expected so here's to hoping for fast healing!!!

Once we got to the room I got some dinner and Jake and Queenie came!! Dean was cold and had several blankets on and Jake said " Daddy!  You look like a castle! " :) Dean had a lovely dinner of crackers and water. Then they brought him another bed!!! It's a sand bed. Yes sand! It weighs around 1600 lbs!!! The sand is blown around with air and aids the healing process!  Let's hope it works

Getting Dean to the OPC - I do believe it's actually a MAZE between buildings and bridges!

Rice University - saw this on a bridge on the way back to Dean's room.

This is what the sand bed looks like.  The white part is a sack of sand that's moved around with air, and the bed is heated, to keep him warm!

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