Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 7 - Key West - Tragedy at Sea!!!

Ok, so with all the Drama we have had, the day at sea and the fun Pirate night was JUST what we needed.  That way we can enjoy our Key Lime Pie!  The stop in Key West is only from 8 am to 1 pm so it's just a morning stop then a day and a half back at sea on our way home.

We learn we are docking at the Navy Base there, so a free shuttle bus will be taking us to Mallory Square.  I did make a call to see if they had accessible buses and thankfully they did as nobody was allowed to walk around the base.

The ride was in a nice open bus, very comfortable, and we enjoyed seeing the homes and small businesses along the way.  We were dropped off right in the middle of Mallory Square, which was AWESOME!

Jake under the sponge man and under the Mallory Square sign.

There was a snack bar with what we needed/wanted!  Key Lime pie, Chocolate covered Key Lime Pie, and Key Limeade!  YUMMY!  It was SO WORTH IT!  it was better there!  I got to do some shopping, got Jake some toys, me a mug, and my office some Key Lime candy, and other nic-naks.  I even got a natural sponge harvested from the waters around Key West!  

And Jake got a Guitar!!! Well, it's a ukulele, but he thinks it a guitar!
it also says Hawaii on it.  Kind of a funny buy in Key West, but we couldn't get away without it.

Then, it started to rain.  The shops closed up tight.  Then, it started to REALLY rain.
The carts are all closed, and this is the store we got our t-shirts and Jake's Guitar

Then, it started to REALLY REALLY RAIN!

It rained so fast and hard by the time our bus was ready for us, the streets were flooded over Dean's Wheelchair battery!!  We found a higher ground path to the bus, and got everybody on, we were SOAKED TO THE BONE!!  The ride to the boat was quick, and then getting off with the wind blowing the rain horizontal, that was hard!  And, the awnings they had did not provide any break from the rain since it was coming in sideways.  Then, Linda and Michelle got on the boat (ran up the ramp) and we told Durwood to go, and he hit the ramp HARD and the scooter flipped and he landed on his back!

I am not sure really what happened next.  I was holding Jake and he was hugging me hard.  He didn't like the rain.  I put him on Dean's lap and went to help Durwood.  About 10 or so people (including a fireman) helped get the scooter out from under him, stand him up and help him up the ramp.  The Infirmary was right there so he was rushed in to check everything out.  A few guys helped Dean up the ramp, but his chair has safety features built in to not flip, so he made it fine.  Dur checked out ok, and they spent the afternoon resting, and were able to enjoy dinner that evening.

We all went back to the room and had to Dean out the wheelchair to dry everything off, and we all changed.  My parents looked after Jake while we got situated.  After lunch and naps, we were getting ready for dinner.  Tragedy at sea like the title states, begins now...

Michelle goes to turn the chair on.  And it says "Joystick Error" and WILL NOT WORK!  Apparently water got into the joystick and shorted out the board that controls the chair!  So, the wheelchair is not working.  We try not to panic, decided to just hope it works the next day, and stay in the room for the night.  My parents were nice enough to take Jake to dinner and to see the show in the theater.  AND they sent the meal to our room. YUMMY Lobster!  YES!  It was really great!  We got to watch a movie, as they had movies that were just out on DVD available on several movie channels.  Nice to vacation with a movie company!

We brought some battery operated fans with us in case of an emergency, so we set them up overnight to see if we could dry off the joystick, and we just hope for the best!

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