Friday, May 17, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 2 - At Sea

Now for our first day at sea...

April 27, 2013
We were invited to have our Character Breakfast early in the morning!  8:00 am is early to be anywhere especially staying out late the night before!  Jake had NO idea what was coming when we went to have breakfast in the nice Parrot Cay restaurant.  He was really happy to see Queenie and Alfredo!  Michelle and Durwood and Linda slept in and did not join us.  As we started eating (or playing with the food as Jake did) we started hearing cheers and saw all the Characters come in!  Jake was so excited!  We got to get autographs and pictures with some of the most famous characters ever!  

We saw Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip and Dale!  Also, part of the fun was the wait staff made funny silly hats out of napkins (and other things) for all the guests to wear!  I got a Minnie Mouse bow, Queenie got a "Queen Crown" (of course), Alfredo got dreads and a dew rag in the styling of Jack Sparrow, Dean got goofy ears, and Jake (which didn't last longer than 5 seconds) got a Peter Pan hat! It was really fun and silly!  Everybody in the restaurant was wearing colorful napkin hats on their heads.  It was really a fun way to start the day!

Then, we found Nonnie and Papa and Jake changed into his swim suit.  The pools on the ship did not allow any kids with swim diapers in any of the pools, so we had to go to the small little "baby toddler" splash pad area, which was just a couple of small fountains from the floor and Mickey's Sorcerer's hat that sort of spit water out the top.  This was pretty small and lacking in Disney grandeur, but Jake didn't seem to mind!  He and all the other unfortunate souls that had to play in the poopie diaper area all had a great time!  There were other disappointed parents all wishing they had taken the time to potty train before coming on the cruise there with me, but we all had fun!


After fun in the sun, we enjoyed yummy lunches from the buffet and Pluto's Doghouse and Goofy's Gally.  we found out that Ms. Michelle does NOT like Lamb!  She had a great big plate full of yummy food, and I noticed she got the lamb.  I said "OOOOOO you got the lamb!"  She was mortified, stopped eating, and went to Pluto's for chicken fingers!  HA!  Then, water + sun = sleepy boy, so Jake, Queenie, and I SUCCESSFULLY went back to our stateroom for a nap.

After a nice relaxing nap time, we went up to deck 9 to wait in line to see Donald Duck at the Gazebo near Goofy's pool!  Dean was holding our place, then more people got in line and then more people got in line only to discover the line we were in was NOT the line, and we had to get behind all the people who got lucky and got in the right place after we were there for 30 minutes.  This did not sit well with me, and we did mention to the people in charge but they couldn't do anything.  They said the people in the "right" line were there as long as we were (wrong line) which was silly because some of them rode the elevator with Donald which meant the were NOT there the whole time!  Oh well, we got some AWESOME pictures with the original angry bird!  Jake so loves meeting the characters!  So much fun since they are the really REAL characters!

After playing around with a cool duck, we decided to explore the ship a bit!  Michelle, Jake, Dean, and I went up to the 10th deck to check out the sports area and the awesome views.  It is really a great sight!  It was really windy at the front of the boat, but fun to go up there to see where we are going.

Then, it's time to get ready for formal night!  We got all dressed up to enjoy the Prince and Princess dinner!  We all enjoyed a lovely dinner and we got a group picture with our ship's Captain!

The show for the evening was Twice Charmed, a twist on the Cinderella story, so yeah, it was right up my alley!  I loved it and Jake actually enjoyed it too!

Day 3 coming soon!

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