Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 4 - FINALLY on Land - Castaway Cay, The Bahamas

YEY!  We finally get to set foot on land!  Whew!

The day started off a little rocky for Jake.  As, unfortunately all the adults planned on going Para sailing  and we had to drop him off at Flounder's Reef - the on board Daycare for kids under 3.  He was ok, until he realized what was going on.  He started crying and really not wanting to be left behind, but we were able to walk away knowing it would only be for a few hours.  We had him scheduled from 9 to 12 that morning.

So, our Para sailing adventure was scheduled at 10 am, so being like my dad, we were there about 45 minutes early!  We did get some great pictures of all the adults with the ship, and had plenty of time to get really excited about what we were going to do!  We did see the 9:00 para sailors over the ocean!  We could not wait!  We also were right next to where Captain Jack Sparrow was taking pictures and singing autographs!  If the line wasn't forever long and we were about to go sailing, I would have gotten in line!  I should have had Dean and Durwood do it.  Oh well.

Our time finally came, and we all took off our shoes and left them on the dock, got on the small boat and headed out on choppy seas!  The boat ride was fun, and we were getting sprayed often as the waves were a good size.  Then, My parents were up!  They hooked up and POOF!  They were OFF!  It's so very high!  I can't wait!  Then, the started hooking me and Linda up together, and once my CrAzY parents were dipped in the water, and unhooked, it was out turn!  We sat down on the deck, they hooked the parachute to us, then they took off and WOOSH!  We are in the air!  Higher and Higher and OMG look how high we are!  it was Amazing!  The views were Awesome!  I did bring along a water camera to take pictures as you will see.  It was definitely the High Light of the trip!  Coming down was easy, landing was a bit more difficult that I thought, but all in all , it was AMAZING!!!
My view of us Para Sailing!

Me and Linda coming in for a landing!

All was going well, the other two couples (fathers and daughters) LOVED it, then the boat drivers had to stop the boat to gather the parachute.  This is where my mother, who gets sea sick snorkeling, almost lost her breakfast.  She did manage to keep everything down and was better once we started moving.  We got back to the docks with no incidents.  YEY!  Then, it was only 11 so Dean and I hopped back on the boat to pick up Jake!  When we got off the elevator, I stopped to tie my shoe, and we heard him crying down the hall!  We run over there and Dean almost plowed through the door when he saw the scene of what he thought was several people holding Jake down.  It took him a second to realize they were trying to help him, distract him with food and drink.  Then, as SOON as Jake saw Dean, he ran to the door, Daddy!!!  Apparently he had been asking where's Mommy and Daddy, they kept saying "they will be back soon"  so he then asked them, is it soon yet?  Smart kid!  He was not too happy with us for a while, but he got over it when we saw Minnie and Pluto on the Island when we were going to meet with the grand parents and Michelle.

Next, we had lunch. They had a fruit stand next to the lunch area, it was covered in AWESOME fresh fruit!  We all enjoyed that as it was quite hot!  Lunch was BBQ, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, and all the trimmings from "Cookie's BBQ". After, Linda and I went to get our snorkeling gear.  My parents had their own, so they just went snorkeling while we found a good shady spot for Durwood, Dean and Michelle to enjoy.  On the way we ran into a show with Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, and Donald!  Just a quick song and dance, but we were so close!  Jake and all the kids loved it!  Was good to see him smile again.

Snorkeling Adventure Time!  Linda had a rough time with it, the flippers wouldn't stay on her feet too well, and the water was cold.  Even I had a hard time getting started as the cold water would take my breath away and I'd get a mouth full of sea water!  But, she tried it for a little bit, but had to stop.  I'm just proud she tried!  Next time, warmer water, we will try again!  I was able to go out with My Dad as my mother did in fact loose her lunch while snorkeling (um, ewwwwe).  We had fun, we went further out than they did and we got to see some fish.  They were practically running into us they were so tame!
Me and Linda snorkeling

After snorkeling, we had a bit of a snack, then we tried to take Jake into the water.  He would NOT get it!  I think it was too cold, not sure why he was scared, but oh well.  Next time!  We then had fun chasing a lizard around the picnic tables, there were several in fact!  Then, we took a walk around the island and did a bit of shopping.  Strange place to find toddler boy sized aqua socks, but you can't find them anywhere in the stores at home, you have to buy them online, so I got some!  YES!  Then, we road the tram back to the boat.  Jake called it the Bus and started singing "The wheels on the bus..."  Once we got to the boat, STITCH was there!  YEY!  We got our picture taken with him, then boarded the boat for a nap (as it was almost 3 already) and to get ready for the evening.

Para Sailing - CHECK!
Snorkeling - CHECK!
Beach Time - CHECK!
Character Greeting - CHECK!
Nap Time - CHECK!
Castaway Cay - what a fun day in the SUN!  Love this little island.  It's so small you can see across it from our Veranda!

Let the evening begin!  Dinner was French Inspired and Lumiere's.  That meant Duck was on the menu!  I think most of us got that, but I had something else, wish I could remember!  Jake just wanted to run and run and run and run, so we did.  :)  AND Supatcha always such a fun server, made Jake an Origami Frog that you could make bounce!  Love her!

We decided to skip the show that evening as it was a hypnotist and Jake probably wouldn't have sat still for that too long.  HUMMMM, Maybe if he was hypnotized..... ;)

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