Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disney Cruise - let the Magic Begin! Day 1 Galveston, Tx

Well, let's get this story started!  The cruise was great!  Jake love it!  We all had fun with a bit of drama drizzled in, but it was good!  We made it all in one piece (almost) and are already thinking about our next Disney Vacation!

That is all!  Have a nice day!

Just kidding!

We had an excited prep time as well as cruise time!  I took the day off the day before we left to pack and of course get my nails done.  Yes, they looked AWESOME!  Wish I could always have nice nails like this!
Saw this idea on Pinterest!  So cute!

After getting my nails done, I packed, and packed AND packed!  I did manage to get all our clothes and extras all ready for the next day!

Everybody was ready for the big trip by around 9:30, so we loaded up and headed to Galveston at 10, only to be stopped on our street by a tow truck repossessing two cars from a neighbor and Blocking the whole road!  No, not kidding!  It took about 10 minutes, but they finally moved the tow truck with a car not completely secured so we could leave.
My mother talking with the guy who "owns" the cars.  
(Not to worry, the cars were back to him by the time we got back home)

Then, off to the Cruise Terminal!  It was really exciting to get there and see the awesome Disney Magic ready to take us away!  We had a bit of waiting to do while my Dad took his truck to Bob's house and parking the cars, etc.  That was fun since they were playing AWESOME Disney music while we waited.  Security was really easy to go thru, including the 3 bottles of wine we were carrying and the 4 my parents were carrying.  Then, the awesome happened!  MICKEY WAS IN THE TERMINAL!  First sighting! Jake was really excited!  And, gave him a big hug!  We checked in, got our keys, and heading up the long terminal  ramp to get on the big boat!
Hugging THE MICKEY MOUSE!!  Awesome!

All Aborad!

Let's get this party started!

After getting on board, we headed to Guest services to drop off Jake's frame to be signed by the characters and to get our rooms switched (we switched with Durwood and Linda as we needed a little more room).  This went really well, as we were all booked together and under my name, so Hakuna Matata! 

We found my parents and Ms Michelle on deck 9 by the pools and close to Topsiders Buffet, and it was almost 1!  The buffet had a pretty long line, full of other people all with carry on luggage, but the food was really great!  After lunch we went to check out our rooms to settle a bet we had with my dad.  He thought we didn't have a true veranda because we had an * by our room number.  It was for white wall veranda instead of the plexiglass one.  We won, first round of drinks on HIM!

The Cast off party was really great!  Jake got to see all the characters dance and sing for the first time, and got a cool toy to swing around for the party!  He really liked seeing the characters!  I did manage to get him close to the action just before it was over.  I pushed him to the front, parents are cool with little kids, they let them thru, and I'm short so I didn't block any views.  We tried to nap after that, but that was not going to happen.

Our first dinner service was at the best restaurant on the ship, Animator's Palette!  The entire restaurant and staff are all decked out in black and white, no color anywhere.  Thru out the evening, the colors start coming in and the staff's uniforms are colorful.  Then, just before the big show, Jake had HAD it with this sit down restaurant and my Mother took him to run around.   When they were coming back, they ran into Mickey Mouse dressed as the Sorcerer's Apprentice heading into the restaurant.  Jake was SO VERY SURPRISED to see him and he gave Jake a High Five!  So, luckily they didn't miss the big dance and show. 

Then, we thought we would try to go to the entertainment show for the evening, which we did and Jake liked it for the most part, but needed to run around for a while, so we did outside the theater.  He did remarkable well and stayed up after 10, and then slept quite well the first night on the boat.

More on the next day tomorrow!

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