Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 5 - WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!

OMG!  The big day we have been waiting for has Arrived!  What could Possibly go wrong?????

Apparently a lot can go wrong on a perfectly planned day.  Lets just start by saying, there was an unexpected injury, uncharged scooter, a popular ride closed, and rain.  However, the rain wasn't so bad as I've been to WDW 5 times now and EACH and EVERY time I've been rained on!  It's just part of the trip to Florida!  We managed to have as much fun as we could!

We had to start the day with an unexpected injury as Linda hurt her foot on Castaway Cay.  She was able to walk, and it didn't hurt too much, but we needed to rent a wheelchair from the cruise in order to get her to WDW.

We got on the bus, which was a chore in itself, since we had to go through customs since we had been to a foreign country (does an Island owned by an American Company actually count as a foreign country??  I don't think so but customs does!) we had a bit of timing issues trying to get everybody off the boat and onto the bus.  We were finally on the bus around 9 (an hour late) and headed out to WDW.  The bus ride was nice, they showed cartoons so Jake was distracted by the hour and a half ride.  

Once there, we got off at Epcot (bad planning on my part) then rode the Monorail to the Monorail station, then transferred the group (a power wheelchair, a scooter, and a manual wheelchair, plus 4 more adults and an excited 2 yr old) to another monorail to get to the Magic Kingdom!  We finally got there, through security a second time since we had to do it the first time at Epcot, rented another scooter, then, bathroom breaks!  It is now 12:30 and we needed to get some lunch!  Thank goodness for the popcorn stand next to the bathrooms, Jake was quite hungry!    We waited 18 years to bring a kid to Disney World!  Glad we got to do it with all our family!

We were heading to TomorrowLand and boom, the scooter Durwood rented ran out of charge!  We limped along to the Lunching Pad that sold the biggest Hot Dogs I've ever seen, and enjoyed a nice lunch.

Then, we headed to the tea cups.  HMMM, that's strange, there's no line.  O. M. G. They are CLOSED FOR REPAIRS!  ARGH!!!  Not to fear, we are going to ride Dumbo's Flying Circus.  This is the coolest ride wait ever!  They have an indoor and air conditioned play ground where you are given a pager and your kid can play until it buzzes then a short wait in another line to get on the ride!  SWEET!  And, Jake LOVED it!  All of it!  Loved going up and down and around and around!  My mother, Ms. Michelle, and Jake and I rode it together.  Michelle was screaming the whole time!  Too funny!  
Jake a bit overwhelmed with the cool stuff to play with while waiting on the Dumbo Ride


We meet up with the rest of the gang, and my parents use their fast pass to ride Space Mountain!  Dean and I start looking for outlets since we do have the charger for the scooter.  But, apparently there are none available.  We head out to see the rest of Fantasy Land, find a shady place at the the Seven Dwarfs Mine Store.  I take Jake to see It's A Small World, however, he saw the Carousel first and decided THAT was what he wanted to ride instead!  SOOOOO, my dad and me and Jake all get in line and ride!  Was fun to see my dad on a carousel horse!  Jake of course loved it!  So much so, we rode it again a few minutes later! Crazy kid.  Then, me, my mom and dad took Jake to ride It's a Small World, and Yes that song was stuck in our head all day and YES he loved it!  All the creepy puppets made him giggle!  

After this we ran into Larry and Rachael and Hunter!  They were on vacation at the resort and we got to talk to them for a while.  We all got the gang together and headed to the Child Center, to give Jake a rest and see if they had any available outlets.  We were stopped (luckily in a shaded spot a great view) by the 3:00 parade!  YEY!  Again, Jake loved it and was waving to all the characters!  Then, we got the the child center, and they didn't allow scooters to come in, but they found a plug outside and tried to charge.  My parents and Michelle went souvie shopping.  Lucky!
Waiving at the parade!

Around 4:00, Jake was rested, Durwood was tired and Linda decided they needed to catch the 5:00 bus back to the boat, while the rest of us stayed at the park.  This is when we discovered the scooter was NOT charging at all, so it was DEAD!  We had to get everybody back to the rental place, and thanks to a VERY kind and generous manager at the rental place, we were able to return the scooter, plug OUR scooter in so we could take it with us later that evening, and use an extra wheelchair to push Durwood and the cruise chair to push Linda to the 5:00 bus.  This was accomplished at a FULL RUN pushing Durwood to catch the bus!  We did get there just in time as another family was running to catch the bus as well.  Whew!

We then grabbed a bite to eat at the Starlight Cafe, but before I could get back to the guys with our food, Jake fell asleep on Dean!  After eating, my mother and I ran over to Space Mountain.  My dad did NOT want to ride it again.  However, Jake woke up before we got out, and Dean had to distract him.  Luckily, there was a show with Mickey and the gang near by.  He was happy with that.

Then, off to Adventure Land (aren't we already on a grand adventure?  yes we are).  We had to stop at a shop.  Why, Jake heard the drums!  he had to go play those drums!  He did enjoy that.  Then, it was about to rain, so they closed the rides and we went to see the Enchanted Tiki Room.  Jake saw the whole show on Dean's Lap and really enjoyed it! In the TIki TIki TIki TIki TIki Room!

After the wait before the show, then the show itself (about 24 minutes), the rides reopened and we jumped in line at The Magic Carpets of Aladdin!  Jake again LOVED this ride, and Michelle was screaming!  it was a bit more up and down and fun!

After the ride, we decided it was time to head back to the front of the park to be close to the entrance to catch a bus around 9pm.  I got to go get Jake his Mickey Ears with his name stitched in!  AND, I got Jake a giant lolly pop to enjoy the next day while we are at sea.  The castle was all lit up for the evening and the crowds were already lining up for the parade and the fireworks.  We were not going to stay for that.  Bummer.  

So spending only one day at Walt Disney World was definitely NOT enough.  As we were walking out of the park, my father and I agreed to try to take Jake back here for a stay at the resort for his 5th birthday.  Disney in December 2015, HERE WE COME!!!

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