Friday, August 1, 2014

Healing begins

Again, the next few days will be pretty much the same again. He should be in Methodist for another 4 or 5 days.  After that it looks like he will be going to Kindred in the medical center.  His doctors who have been treating him do rounds there so it is the best fit for proper healing.

He didn't sleep well on the new bed. He put it this way. It's really comfortable but sounds like he's sleeping on a running washing machine! To me it sounds like a salon hair dryer!  My mom was with him all day and he got to talk to his doctors and case worker about what's next.  Jake and I had dinner with him that evening as Mother went to stay with my dad who's in town for the hunter's show in NRG Center.

I went to work but Dean's staff was HORRIBLE! !! I had to leave work to help out.  When I got it was confirmed.  His nurse would take FOREVER to come to the room, if at all! Even when another nurse came in to check bandages the nurse didn't come after 30 min! I had to help her! But turned out good because we had all the doctors come by one at a time. They said he is doing very well and healing better than expected.  

So Dean will be moving to Kindred most likely on Monday.  His bandages are doing well and the cultures have not grown any of the infections he had yet (as of 8/1 4pm). But a fungus did so his antibacterial cocktail will change.

On Thursday, mom went to the food court and bought me a Diet Coke.  she had NO idea it was supposed to be for her!  She didn't even look!  :)  And, Jake eating dinner (Pizza and chips again - Mom of the year right here!!!) But, he ate, which is the good thing.  He also stole Dean's Banana when he got to the room.

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