Friday, September 19, 2014

A Tough Week

This week was a tough week.  A few things happened.

I'll start with the good.  Durwood went home the day after his birthday on Tuesday, 9/16!  They are now in the stage of getting used to "not having the nurse call button".  A phenomenon I'm quite familiar with.  But, all in all, Durwood and Linda are glad to be home.

For the not so bad, a little good.  Dean's surgical spot that's having trouble healing is in fact getting better, but it's going very slowly.  He has had some improvement since they took the wound vac off, which wasn't helping because of a specific reason I won't go into right now.  And, of the two numbers in his blood work they were watching for his infections, one is normal (YEY!) and one stayed the same for  couple of weeks, but it did go down a little, but not to normal yet.

They did take a swab sample last week, and they didn't find anything serious, but they have found another bacteria that is better treated with another antibiotic, which they switched to this week.

For the bad, but may turn out good.  Since his infection level has not gone down to normal, even though it did go down, they ordered an MRI on Wednesday.  This is the scary part, and we need prayers.  We were told if it looks like the infection has cleared up, we will not hear the MRI results until early or mid next week since the techs take their time filling out paperwork and their initial findings.  If we hear this week (today or tomorrow) then, basically, the infection is still, and we will need to get a surgical opinion. That could mean another surgery and another 6 weeks (give or take) recovery.  PLEASE pray we don't hear anything until next week!!!  NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS for these MRI Results.

And, for the bad.  Really bad.  I had a dear family friend pass away.  I say friend but he was more of a father figure in my life.  Growing up, when my parents would go on business trips (or even some vacations) during school times, my parents would have Monica and Emil take care of us.  Sometimes it was for weeks at a time, but mostly a week or less. Mr. Emil passed away this week after a long battle with Cancer.  He was fortunate enough to be able to come home from the hospital and be with his family and friends (and cows :) ) and died at his home with his wife by his side.  I was able to go to the funeral with Jake and Monica was able to meet him in person for the first time.  She is a lovely Christian woman and could really use some prayers, as she also just had knee surgery.

I always hate that funerals bring people and old friends and family together.  I often wish we could get together without it being so very sad.  But, it was good so to see so many familiar faces that I remember from my childhood.  Jake was an absolute saint the whole time!  He is such a good boy!  He only started acting up when we went to the grave site, starting running and giggling when the Priest was saying his final words (not good) but everybody understood.  We went for a little walk, but didn't get too far as they had someone play silver taps for him and well, Jake loves music.  They also had someone play "In Heaven there is No Beer!" on the accordion.   By request of Mr. Emil himself! Very fitting by the way.

Downtown Sealy.  The "tall" building was where my Dad's office was.

The Park where Dean and I got married.  It used to be the JC park, then it was the Lion's Park. 
Now, it looks like it's Levine's Park. :)

Just because sometimes we need a smile...

Well, there you have it.  I'll update when I can, probably after the weekend.

Gig 'Em Aggies!  BTHO SMU!
Go Texans!

Way to go Altuve! breaking the Astro's hits in one season record!  213 and counting!

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