Thursday, September 25, 2014

Doctor's Orders

Well, it's been another tough week.  Dean's numbers for infection testing have stayed the same, which  probably means it's being caused by the small infection they found still from the MRI.

The bad news is we are expecting the surgeon to say he does need surgery.  Dean talked with his wound care doctor on Wednesday.  He said that since the remaining surgery spot is still not getting better, he suspects the spot on is bone that's infected is causing the problem.  He has suggested surgery.  Dean meets with his surgeon Friday Morning at 7 AM to get his opinion.  At this point, we are fine with more surgery, so we can get all this taken care of instead of going home too early and have anything linger and cause future issues.

The only hard part to grasp about all of this is the longer stay at Kindred.  Apparently one of the better nurses mentioned that some of the other staff complain about Dean being too demanding.  They apparently don't like that he requests to drink more water than half of a 6 oz cup every once in  while, and that he has requested to be turned every 2 hours.  If you read that and are thinking what we thought when we heard that, you are right.  Dean has not requested being turned every two hours HIS DOCTOR HAS PUT IT IN HIS ORDERS!!!!  So, basically, some of them are complaining that the doctor has asked them to do something, but they don't want to, so let's put all the blame on the patient and not do it as requested.  We also learned that if he asks the staff to do something later (like something private while he has visitors) they will put it in the computer that the "patient refused the care" and never do it.  This is a PERFECT solution to covering yourself for not doing your job!

I do just want to say that not all the staff are this terrible.  He has some really great people helping him, although they are few and far between.  There is even one guy that comes in all day Sunday to keep track of his Fantasy Football players and talk football with Dean!  He gets lots of attention when that happens.  Also, while Jake and I visit, Jake has 2 jobs.  1.  Lower and raise the head of Dean's bed when he needs it.  He LOVES helping!  yells, I'LL HELP!!!  Then listens to Dean when he says stop.  2.  Turn off the nurse call light when we either test it, the nurse comes in, or we accidentally click it.  However, this makes us nervous since the "CODE BLUE" button is right next to the cancel call button.  He is very careful not to push it.  HOWEVER, one of Dean's nurses at night accidentally pushed it!  Dean then realized how to get everybody in his room at once! ;)

On a much lighter note, the weather has been really great this week!  Jake and I got to play outside with Buddy.  Look how tall he is!  When we first got the slide, his head was not up to the bottom of that circle!  Now, he's almost as tall as the top! :)

He also has been helping out around the house, letting Buddy outside in the morning, and letting Jack out, and helping with the trash can!  He moved the trash dumpster ALL BY HIMSELF!  We are so very proud of him!!


And something that made me giggle, the Aggie CT who famously blocked the SMU player from running into Reveille VII has not only been in the news nation wide, but all the way to the UK!  Read this article for a giggle!

My favorite part:
Nice to see that after years of Lassie saving humans, the favour is finally being returned.
This will be another busy weekend!  Have some plans to have a luncheon AND I've heard some really SUPER friends will be at the zoo this weekend, so we will be checking that out for sure on Sunday!  Maybe we will see you there!  And, to my UH friends - Shasta's birthday party is this Sunday as well!  Go Coogs!


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