Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Weekend

I'm not counting the days, weeks, or anything, but it has been since August 6th or so that Dean has been in Kindred.  It has NOT been easy as he continues to fight battles and doesn't usually win.

I did post on Facebook the results of the MRI, but I'll post them here just so we are all on the same page.
We heard from Dean's doctor. He still has a small infection spot on a piece of bone. The doctors will discuss with his surgeon Monday.
They said its up to surgeon to decide whether its serious enough for surgery or not. So its literally either have surgery to take that infected bone out (its small) or leave it and he's done with antibiotics. Which could mean he can come home soon. The Surgery is considered easy but we don't know recovery time.
Please keep praying for Dean to be able to come home soon with no more surgery.

So, we did hear from the Doctor again on Sunday, and we tried to clear a few things up.  Of course he cannot answer for the surgeon, but we wanted to better understand what may come in the next few days.  So, the doctor came up with 3 options.  We were told the infection is small so...

  1. The surgeon may "not be impressed" meaning its not a very big deal, and he may opt to not do any surgery at all.  This is the option we are hoping for as it means that the wound care doctor would have say when he can go home, which could be soon.
  2. The surgeon may say okay, let's go in and clean up/remove the infected bone.  This would most likely mean a much longer stay at Kindred than we even want to think about.
  3. The surgeon may give us a choice, he could recommend the surgery, but would give US the choice if we want to go through it again or not.  Then, Dean and I would make a decision, but not sure what that would be.
Please pray that we get good news from the doctor and that if we need to make a decision, that we do the best thing for everybody.

Jake and I got to go to the Museum of Natural Science on Sunday. It was Jake's first time, but we had not gone in such a long time that I was surprised by how much has changed!  The fossil exhibits were AWESOME and in a new warehouse than I remember.  However, it was even MORE EXPENSIVE that I remembered!  1 kid 1 adult, parking, museum and butterfly tickets = $60!!  WHAT????  Butterflies were worth it.

In the gift shop on the way in.  Fuzzy, but fun picture.

Jake saw these and said "are these rolly polly bugs?" went around the other side and yelled "THEY ARE ROLLY POLLY BUGS!"

Hungry lion!

he asked "Mommy is that lion trying to bite the Zebra's tail??"

Can I touch it?  NO Jake, you cannot.

The new fossil hall.  Fabulous!

I Have a Big Head and Tiny Arms...

Triceratops and a Giant Sloth. This sloth was FREAKING HUGE!

We went to see the Butterflies!  This was really great!

Jake in the planetarium waiting area with the black lights on!

That big piece of petrified wood was just too big and heavy to lift!

Oh, and remind me to put my camera back in my purse as my phone is just not doing it for me Anymore! goodness!  Bad pictures!  Sorry!

Highlight of the weekend:
The Aggies did win this weekend, but THIS guy is the highlight!  "Texas A&M cadet to be rewarded for saving Reveille"  WHOOP!

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