Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

We had an eventful weekend, and were surprised at the decent help Dean had at the hospital.  We were sure there would be lower staff than usual because of the holiday, but it was good!  And, Dean had 3 days of good home cooked meals instead of the "food" they give him.

We were pretty much expecting to hear news on Tuesday if Dean will be coming home this week or not.  He has had multiple blood test done and we are waiting on his ID doctor and his wound care doctor to have a say in when he can come home.  He will most likely be on the wound vac and have a sand bed at home (rented) for a while.

Update - Later Tuesday afternoon we found out his numbers have not come down to where they are comfortable with and he will be in Kindred for another week.  Let's hope it goes by fast.

Saturday - Jake and I got there early, and Jake played with all the toys we bring up for him, his hot wheels and cars/truck are a big hit.  He had his loopy loop hot wheels track, and played on that most of the morning.  He made a nice big ole mess in there too!  Cars and track everywhere!

We also took the afternoon to go to the Zoo.  It was overcast and windy, so it was a nice day to go.  Also, it wasn't to crowded either, which is nice. I actually got a free parking spot this time!  Just as we were walking in a street magician was setting up so we stopped!  Jake got to be the volunteer for the "money in the lemon trick" and he was fascinated by the fact that he ate a balloon. He wasn't all that good, but it entertained Jake.



The carousal was being cleaned so it was closed.  We went to the Children's zoo and played there for a while, we saw the lions, tigers, giraffes, including the newest baby giraffe, the elephants, meercats, and got to pet Billie the leopard tortoise!  She was 24 years old and has a life expectancy of 80 years!  The giant tortoise from the Galapagos tortoises can live up to 200 years!  The zoo keeper said the bigger the turtle, the longer the live expectancy.  Very interesting!  Jake loved it and allowed her to walk over his toes.  We also got to see for the first time the Sponge Bob Square Pants 4D movie!  It was short and a bit expensive for what it was, but Jake liked it.  It had bubbles and sprayed you so it was a big hit.

Lions and the Wild Dog

Giraffes.  Look at the little BABY!  well, he's over 6 ft tall, but so cute!

The Bald Eagle at the Children's zoo
Billie the Tortoise

After we got out of the zoo, the Herman park train was there so we hurried up and bought tickets and jumped on just in time.  I had no idea it was a good solid 20 minute ride thru the park.  It was good!  Jake liked it but was concerned there was not a seat belt, so he held my hand the whole time.

All Aboard!!!


This is the park we rode the train to a couple of times.  The sidewalk above is where my mother was hit by that guy who followed us to Herman Hospital.  Nice memories!

Sunday - Again got there to give Dean some breakfast, and after lunch we ventured out to the Children's museum.  Wow, was it CROWDED!  We took our time, playing at his pace.  We sat at a table and used the scissors to cut paper for about 20 minutes.  He enjoyed it though.  He also loved the water works, and didn't want to go in even when i tried to convince him that it was just too hot and we needed to take a break and get something to drink.  But, we got to go in, bought him a toy at the gift shop and watched a movie while there.


Cutting Paper - one of his favorite things to do. :)
And, Dr. Jake Audirsch taking care of his patient carefully in the ambulance at Kidtropolis

Monday - Labor Day
This morning, Jake found a crack in Daddy's food tray table at home, so he had to go find his tools in his room.  He RAN in there, and yelled back at me "HOLY COW!  I FOUND MY TOOLS!" then he set up to fix the table.
fixing Daddy's Table

David came up to visit Dean, so Jake and I let them talk a little.  They discussed what's coming up for their Dad and other important stuff like the Astros and their future! :)  So, Jake and I went to the waiting room to give them space.  Jake manages to play and have fun no matter where he is.

Playing catch with Jake's Teddy bear named Chuck E. Cheese in the waiting room

I had made a nice labor day lunch of hamburger sliders for us to enjoy!  And, no labor day would be complete without potato chips and Dean's French Onion dip!  It was nice.  As we drove by the zoo on the way to the hospital, Jake asked if we could go again.  I said yes, Dean thought it was a good idea, so we went back to the zoo!  The difference, today was a holiday, and HOT!!!  so it was packed.  I actually had to park in the Herman parking lot again.

Labor Day Sliders and chips

at the zoo

We got to ride the carousel today!  Wow, it was shiny and had a new coat of lacquer!  Looked GREAT!  And, feed the Giraffes, visited the swap shop (had nothing to swap, next time), looked at all the bugs in the bug house, and got to see the flamingos.  It was really hot so we didn't stay long, and stayed mostly in the children's zoo.  Jake got to see the Prairie dogs and called them "little puppies".  We got some popcorn and a third round of water on the way out.  The popcorn ended up all over the floor in Dean's room, what a mess!

One more week, I know we can make this!

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