Monday, September 8, 2014

Short Week and fast weekend

So, that week went by fast!  Being only 4 days always makes for a busy and fast week.  Dean is doing well, we are all trying to cope with the extended time at Kindred.  He again after this weekend had some complaints, especially the night staff.  He talked with a supervisor again about it, and she was so mad!!!  She actually told Dean that she had 4 or so other complaints about the night staff the Saturday when Dean complained, and 2 or 3 on another floor the day before.  She actually said to the nurse "No More complaints today!  I am done with this!  I need everybody at 100% today!"

Again, the situation improved, but we shall see for how long.  It seems to go in cycles, it gets good for a while then they "slack off" until he complains again.

So, now what?  Wish I knew!  We are on a holding pattern until we hear results from blood tests and after Dean sees his wound care doctor (usually on Tuesdays).  Right now it's just getting thru day by day.

Some weekend fun/highlights:

Saturday morning, a friend, Jaime Windfont, brought over some food for us!  We enjoyed some pot pies this weekend!

We went to Discovery Green on Saturday.  Wanted to go somewhere different not the zoo so we went downtown.  It was nice, not too too hot, but warm, and a little over cast. Jake has been wanting a Popsicle for some time, so we got him one!  Sponge Bob!

This dripped and dripped ALL over him!  It was horrible!  But, isn't a boy supposed to get sticky and messy at the park on a hot summer (in September) day? :)

Our brink at Discovery Green!  It's one of the first ones along the wall next to the snack bar there. And, you can see just how messy that sponge bob Popsicle was.

So, after the popsicles we ran around the green grass in the park.  We saw some young boys playing soccer and he wanted to play!  I told him to ask to play, all 3 boys said YES so they went to running!  He and another boy got to the ball at the same time running full speed and bumped heads.  Well, the other boy was 5 and Jake is 3 1/2 so Jake started crying.  All three boys came up to Jake and asked if he was ok, but it was too late, the tears and crying had begun.  Took a while for them to calm down, but then he didn't wanna play anymore, he wanted to go in the water park.  So, we did...

Well, sort of.  He went to this big water fountain, and had a great time!  Until it started raining and thundering and they turned it off.  Oh well, so we headed back to the hospital where he fell asleep in the car so hard he didn't even wake up on the way to Dean's room.  And, slept for a hour and a half.  Good Nap!

Doesn't Durwood look GREAT!!!  He was in his chair sitting up watching the Texans beat the Redskins.  Jake of course found Nonnie's phone, and well that's what he did for a little bit.

After the visit with Nonnie and Papa we were going to go to the Zoo, but I forgot my membership passes in my other purse so we were going to just go to the park.  But, as we left TIRR, the storm clouds came in! We just headed back to the hospital.  Jake watched Umi Zoomi with Dean, we watched some football, played with toys, had an early dinner and came home.  Jake fell asleep just as we got home since he didn't nap that day.  However he woke up on the way to his bed.  We ended up watching Tangled on the couch together and he went to bed around 9pm, after much debating actually.

Playing with his cars and trucks.  ALL the hotwheels he had at the hospital are either in, on or on the trailer of his Duck Dynasty truck, being towed of course by Mater! :)

Of course the BEST news of the weekend ~ our sports teams did AWESOME!

Texas A&M BTHO Lamar 73-3.  I'm just glad they got their field goal in the beginning, it always sucks when you have a blow out "blown" in the last few minutes.
The Texans WON!  They beat the Redskins 17 to 6!  You know what that means!  FREE SLUSHIES
And, the ASTROS WON their 63rd game!  What does this mean?  They cannot loose 100 games this season AND, Mattress Mack had to pay out big time!  Not that we get anything from this, but this is always good to see!

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