Thursday, September 4, 2014

The weeks have increased

I sure do wish I had better news to report.

After Tuesday's blood tests and visit from the wound care doctor, we have found out Dean will be in Kindred for at least another 2 weeks.  His numbers went up slightly, which did not bring up too much alarm from the doctors other than wondering why, but still not good news.  But, his surgery spot is getting better, even if it is slow going.  Anything getting better is good!

But, the care at Kindred and the food they serve is really starting to be hard on Dean, and me and Jake as well.  He has to continue to fight and practically beg for the most simple of daily necessities.  In fact, Wednesday morning his Tech came in put his breakfast on the tray and said I'll be right back.  A long time later, she came back noticed the tray was not touched and said, "Didn't you want breakfast?"  First of all, she should (1) know his condition and (2) know what it MEANS.  He actually had to tell her, no, I haven't had my breakfast yet because I'm a quadriplegic!  She said OH, I'll be right back.  Again, nurse talk for "I'm not coming back until you turn on the call light."  He had to do that, another nurse came in, saw the tray and right away offered to help.  Turns out this absolutely 110% UNQUALIFIED Tech was what they call a "agency tech".  Which means when the supervisor can't fill the schedule with the regular people who are employed at Kindred, they call an agency, and these people are not qualified to work there.

Jake had a hard time with me being upset at the nursing/tech staff last night.  So, I talked about it while in the car and Jake said as loud as he could "SO! SAD! NURSES!  I'm going to put you in time out even if I have to carry you!  I'm strong!  I'm VERY, VERY, (repeated very 50 times), VERY disappointed!!"   This kid is 1 in a million!  He really want's everybody around him to be happy.

To top all this off, the nursing staff broke Dean's glasses a couple weeks ago, broke one of the arms, but not so bad that he couldn't sort of fix them and wear them.  They are not real sturdy in the first place, and about 3 years old, but still, they broke them handling them too rough.  So, I was going to take them to our glasses place to get fixed and I pulled them out of my purse and the other arm had broken in my purse!!  ARGH!  We are replacing them, but it will take 10 business days or so to get them.  Let's hope our glasses place can somehow fix them.

Lets hope the next few days get better.

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Belle Terre said...

I was looking over a couple of your patterns at Ravelry and found myself here! Mysterious ways & all. I'm sending good thoughts & prayers your way. You hang in there--everything will work out in the end.

Blessings, Deborah