Monday, September 15, 2014

News, Visits, Football, the Zoo, and Glasses

So, coming up with titles is actually the hard part about blogging about something not fun to report on, especially when they are all basically "News about Dean". :)

Monday, we found out that the ID doctor said that of the 2 numbers he's watching in Dean's blood tests, 1 is now NORMAL, 1 is the same from last week (which went up from the week before).  So, good news there.  I believe he has 1 more week of antibiotics and we hope that number goes normal.  We also found out that he will be at Kindred for at least 2 more weeks.  Confused?  Well, last week it was 2 weeks because of blood tests, so we were hoping/expecting to come home next wee (week of 9/15) but now that's been extended at least 1 more week, so we hope to come home the week of 9/22.  Prayers for healing as that's what's holding us in the hospital right now.

He also had his PICC line accidentally pulled out about 6 inches 4 or 5 days ago by one of the night staff Tech/Nurse when he was being re-positioned.  He asked the nurse during the day to have a look she said, "it's not my job, ask the supervisor."  Nice, huh?  Anyway, it was early, he forgot, and when the ID doctor came by to check his IVs on Monday, he noticed it was pulled out.  So, he had to have it removed and they put in a midline, which is same thing, just shorter.  Hopefully he won't need it too much longer anyway.

My mother came up to help me around the house, get ready for Dean to come home when he does, and just spend time with me and Jake.  We had Sushi last night!  YUMMY!

Jake eating the "Chick Fil A" Roll.  It has chicken, cream cheese, cucumber wrapped in rice paper.  Dean's favorite, and Jake INSISTS on eating Sushi (not chicken nuggets) when we go to the Rising Sun in Fall Creek.

Top roll - can't remember the name, it was mother's and has tempura soft shell crab (YUCK!)
Middle roll - mine!  (but i shared) tuna, cream cheese, cucumber, topped with strawberries, kiwi, and mango sauce
Bottom roll -THAT's the Chick-fil-a roll.  It's really good actually.  Chicken and rice, YUM!

Tuesday, we found out his glasses we ordered online to replace his 3 year old glasses the nursing staff broke came in!  So, I did a quick trip down there just me and helped him do some things.

Thursday, my dad came through town, he was meeting with his Accountant and then going fishing with some Friends.  We went to see Dean at the hospital with some YUMMY Fajitas from Julia's Mexican Grill in the Fall Creek Area.  EXCELLENT restaurant, delicious tortillas!

I got home Thursday night and realized I LEFT MY PHONE at the Hospital!  DOH!  Poor Dean had to deal with the pings and beeps and alert sounds all night!

Friday, since I left my phone, we (my mother, Jake and I) visited for dinner again.  It was designated left over night, as we have a ton of left overs in our fridge!

Saturday was quite long and boring!  The weather wasn't good so we all stayed in the hospital most of the day.  I had planned on watching movies with my computer only to find out the DVDs just didn't want to play without an internet connection.  So, that went bust!  And, the Aggie game was really late this weekend!  But, at least we won!  GIG 'EM Aggies!!!

Sunday, what great weather!  Jake and I went to the zoo and had a great time!  I mostly let him see what he wanted, which can be very frustrating because he tends to sometimes just want to run around a tree trying to figure out how to climb it.  Some Highlights:
So, this was the entrance at the zoo when we got there around 1pm.  The lines were HUGE to buy a ticket!  And, as one of the zoo workers was talking about "If you had a membership you could be walking in right now" as we walk past here!  I said to her "It's days like these i'm glad we have a membership!"  BEST. GIFT. EVER!!!

Look at that beak!

Thai the 49 year old Asian Elephant.  He is the largest living elephant in the United States!  

A few selfies while watching Thai.

Monkeying around.

we left the zoo around 3:30.  THIS was the crowd to get in!

Also while at the zoo, I finally brought in the antlers my parents gave Jake to give to the swap shop, they are sheds they tracked down for one of the hunters who least the property.  Last time we brought something in, we got 650 points!  That was for a rattle from a rattle snake over 2 inches long, and a horny toad skull in perfect condition, and some knowledge points.  He spent a few points last time we went on some fool's gold.  This time, he got a few more points than that.  When the volunteers were ready to tell him how many points the told us, well, you are going to get a ton of points!  HE GO 6000 points for those antlers!  Way to go Jake!  He also got 20 points for some of those white snail shells, and 50 KNOWLEDGE points for knowing the Antlers were from a white-tailed deer and they fall off every year so they can grow new ones!  Way to go!

So, Jake saw a HUGE "Lion's Paw Shell" last time we were there, but they are worth 2000 points, so he was happy he got the biggest one! It's about 6 or 7 inches wide and he's very proud of it and showed it off to his Daddy later! He also picked up 3 small pretty shells, and some Bornite aka Peacock ore.

We also got to go see Papa for an early birthday while the Texans were beating the Raiders (YES!!!).  It was good to see him in the Cafeteria watching the big screen instead of in his room.  Jake brought him balloons, a card and a movie.  We also got to see Uncle David too!

More blood and test have been taken, but we have not heard anything yet.  Once we do, I'll post again!  We hope he is out of there next week, but these tests will tell.

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