Monday, August 18, 2014

Days go by fast

So, it's been a few days since my last update.  Nothing really new to report, his doctors have come by and most are saying the same thing, eat/drink more protein (he is drinking it!) and that his infection levels are going down.  According to blood test, some of his numbers are pretty much back to normal, others are getting better but still "low".  Not 100% sure what "the numbers" mean, but the doctors are encouraged.  Healing is coming along, one area still going slow, but there has not been any "alarm" from the doctors.  Please pray for healing!

Dean is also doing better now he has access to his computer, and since the Kindred wifi is SLOW and not always up and completely OPEN, we got him a wifi hot spot, so now he's able to be online more consistently.  This has really helped the days go by faster.

So, now he has made it past his first week in Kindred, and is 3 weeks into his antibiotics, we are expecting another 3 weeks of antibiotics, but blood test will tell.  We are not sure if once we are finished with antibiotics if he will be able to come or not, but we are kind of expecting him to be released home shortly after.  Time will tell.

The weekend went by fast, I was in Tomball with my friends at a weekend scrapbook retreat while my mother looked after Jake and they hung out with Dean most of the time.  He is getting better care from the hospital staff now, and we hope it stays that way.  It's been up and down, just when we think things are going well, something else goes wrong (with the care not his healing/recovery).  He had to bring some issues up with the floor supervisor as well as the administration of the hospital, so we are hoping now he will get the care he needs.

If you want to send Dean a card, note/letter, etc, please send it to our home address.  If you would like that address, please message me privately somehow (text, email, FB message).

FYI, Durwood is doing well.  He has moved "upstairs" at ICON (out of ICU) and they are looking at getting him into a brain injury rehab hospital, either Kindred Rehab in Humble, TIRR downtown, TIRR in the Woodlands, or Health South in Humble.  I believe they are going to pick TIRR in the Woodlands, but we are waiting to see.

Jake has asked for Cinnamon Toast a lot recently.  This morning, he asked if we had any sprinkles.  I said yes, we do, then he asked "Can I have Sprinkle Cinnamon Toast?"  Well of course I said YES!

Queenie and Jake having fun playing on Queenie's iPhone

Queenie took Jake shopping, asked him to put on sun glasses so she can take a picture.
THIS is what he did for her.  FBI agent in the making? ...

... Maybe not.

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