Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend update again

Well, Thursday and Friday were weird as I was not able to go to the hospital.  But we did get to do a video Hang out both nights. Jake always loves playing on the video on the phones anyway. :)

Thursday, Jake and I went to see Durwood and we did our hangout there so Dean could see his dad and vice versa.  It was nice to see him. Boy, Durwood was really glad to see Jake!  Once he saw Jake and I coming, he held out his hand and Jake ran over there to hold his hand and would NOT let go!  We got a chair for Jake to stand on and he held his hand while we moved the chair and he got on.  So very sweet.  He is doing better and better everyday, even if it's just a little bit.  He is having more awake days than sleeping days now.  This is encouraging.

Progress Report!!!
Friday, Dean saw his surgeon for a follow up to see how things are progressing.  He had 2 areas operated on, one is healing quite well, the other has not yet, but we didn't here anything out of the ordinary, so not bad  news.  He has a follow up next week, please pray for progress!!!

Saturday morning I went to spend time with Dean while Jake stayed with Nonnie. It was a busy morning, but nice to spend some time with him.  Knowing the food is terrible, I brought in breakfast, but didn't bring lunch.  I had planned on going to a deli 2 hospitals over to grab some lunch.  So, I go at 12 and walk all the way to the deli.  it's closed on the weekends.  THEN, I went to another deli, also 2 hospitals down from Kindred but the other way, and IT TOO was closed on the weekends!  Does anybody in the med center get hungry for decent food on the weekends?  HELLO!!!  I ended up having to leave with Dean not having lunch and come back that afternoon with Chick-Fil-A! 

After this eventful morning, I went to an AWESOME wedding shower for Dean's niece Linda Jean.  I did almost miss it since I took a different way home and it was jam packed with traffic!  The Kirby and US59 area is under construction, so avoid it at all cost!  Back to the Shower....

Jazzercise!!!  It was a great work out, and I had to have Jake there and he had a blast dancing with me!  Until I told him he couldn't hit me anymore with his "dirty horsy" then he got mad at me.  Nonnie saved the day taking him to the toy room in the back.  After an awesome workout, we brought Daddy some dinner and were able to try to watch Umi Zoomi with him, but the internet didn't work to well that night.

I was there, but not at this picture.  I had to leave early unfortunately.  
The workout was GREAT and FUN!  LJ's future MIL is an instructor at the Jazzercise 
place in Atascocita.  Great fun!

Jazzercise makes a boy tired!  He crashed after about one minute in the car after the shower.

Saturday evening fun with a frisbee and a dog.  Not much better than that!

Sunday, Jake and I went to the hospital that morning.  We had planned on trying to go to the zoo but the A/C in the hospital was not working well and his bed makes him warm so he got overheated. We managed to finally track down a fan but it didn't work too well.  So after lunch Jake and I got him a big new fan from target.  It took longer than expected because Jake had to go down all the aisles to look at the toys.  He loves cars and trucks, especially emergency vehicles (ambulances and fire trucks - they make cool sounds!).  He also loves the characters Hulk, Captain America, Ninja Turtles (that's new!) and all those cool Star Wars toys!  He picked up a light saber and said "Hey!  We have one of these!"  My boy...
<== Jake playing with the Ambulance!
==> After shopping, he apparently was tired and took a nap in this tiny chair.  
So sweet!  He actually slept for two and a half hours!

I came to the hospital well prepared on Sunday.  I brought in Breakfast, Lunch, AND dinner!  However, they finally had a decent dinner, Turkey club sandwich.  Ironic that I brought in a turkey sandwich for lunch, but he enjoyed both that day.  And, of course some of my home made chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot PIE!
Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot PIE!

Jake playing with his bubble leaf blower on Sunday evening.  It was such a nice evening and he had been watching TV and playing on the phone all day.  Had a good time playing with Buddy!

Handsome Dog, Buddy!!!

So, all this being said, Dean is having a hard time taking visitors, since the schedules are a little hard to work around.  He has a bulletin board in his room, so if you want to send a card, please do, and I'll pin it up for you.  If you need my address, contact me, I'll get it to you.
Jake and Nonnie already made him some get well signs!  Can always use more!

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