Thursday, August 7, 2014

Four More Weeks

Dean is getting adjusted to life at Kindred.  He did get to visit with one of his doctors and they said his 6 weeks on the IV drip started the day of his first surgery so that means he is already 2 weeks in his 6 weeks of IV drips!  What that means is that he may possibly finish up any recovery necessary after the 4 weeks of antibiotics at home!  This is great news!

What's even better is that Kindred has free WiFi, so he's not only able to connect, he's able to use his computer as well, so he has a little more freedom and independence with something to do.  This is Awesome!  Of course it will be only in short spurts as the nurses/staff will be coming in to do their stuff every 2 hours (or even more often) but at least he can get to his computer.  And, as it turns out, it's not very strong WiFi, so some times it just doesn't work.

What's not so awesome?  The food.  Apparently the food is absolutely terrible!  He's only had a few meals there, but he told me on his 2nd day he had lunch of "some pork thing" so you know it was horrible!  This coming from a guy who eats SPAM right out of the CAN!  So, if you are wanting to help, meals.  That we can heat up in a microwave are best!  Sandwiches are good too, or even cold cuts and crackers and cheese.  Dean LOVES Cracker Barrel extra sharp.  Just saying...

My mother headed home on Thursday morning, after spending all day the day before at Kindred helping Dean get settled and more acquainted with the staff.  She was such a huge help to us while in Methodist and getting him settled in Kindred.  Thank you Mommy for all you did for us in these last 2 weeks!

Dean is going to see his surgeon for a follow up visit and to see how his recovery is going.  We hope to hear good things, and will let you know what we find out.

Wednesday night, Dean's mom came over to have dinner that a friend of mine from work gave us (she's from India and made the best Turkey Rice and Spicy Potatoes - spicy, yes, very spicy!).  She had not seen Jake in a while and was missing him so she came to play.  They got dressed up in a mask and doctor stuff and "operated" on his horse's hurt leg.  The surgery was successful.  Take a look!


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