Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekend ... Again

Friday went well as you saw in the last post.  Jake and I got to come up and spend the evening with him.  My mother left for a while so she could be with her hubby, and do his laundry! :)  She has been such a great help to us!  Thanks again Mommy/Queeine/Kat!  We enjoyed a dinner of left over night.  Pork roast from a friend of Dean's Aunt Kat, thank you Kitty!! This was some good pork!  I had some Quinoa and chicken, trying other sources of protein.  Dean likes it, I LOVE IT!  Jake thinks its ok.

Saturday it was getting really warn in his room.  Last weekend it was the whole floor and the staff said it was because it was so hot outside.  Good thing we got that fan for him, kept him cooler.  It was a lazy day, we enjoyed lunch together and then Jake looked sleepy, so he curled up on my lap and fell asleep.  I did manage to get up and put him in the chair next to his daddy and they both slept for two full hours!  The wake up was not good, total meltdown!  I offered him some chips and he settled down.  He later said "when I woke up I was hungry but didn't want to tell you and that's why I cried."  I said, "Well, silly, if you tell me, I can help you!" :)   He said "next time I will."  Next time, he says that a lot! 

After the nap and a snack, Jake and I went to see Durwood at TIRR and had a nice video chat with him and Dean while the speech therapist was there. That is until my phone battery died.  :(  Durwood was doing well this weekend, not sure if he is looking forward to the rigorous rehab schedule he will have at TIRR.  At least 3 hours of rehab followed by over an hour of speech therapy a day!  I tried to tell him the more he does, the faster he will get better and be able to go home!  Linda is worried about the drive, parking, and the schedule as well.  It costs to park at TIRR, where it doesn't at Kindred and it didn't at ICON in Humble.

I brought up what we like to call "AWESOME SAUCE" for dinner!  Its "Hormel Roast Beef in Gravy" and "Bob Evans original mashed potatoes".  Three minutes of each in the microwave and you have a hearty awesome sauce meal.  Of course served with cracker barrel cheese!  We also enjoyed some salad and veggies and fruit.  Good meal, a family favorite quick meal.  Those Bob Evans potatoes are really good!  If I'm not making the mashed potatoes myself, I use those instead of instant flakes. Those flakes are Yuck! 

Saturday night I got a call at 11:30 pm from Kindred, I absolutely FLEW out of bed, picked up the phone and tried to not sound panicked.  The lady said "Is this Dayna Au Au aud audrich?"  I said calmly "Yes" but was totally a duck on water!  She started talking slower, I swear!  "I'm calling....for Dean Audirsch......He uh, oh, well, um yeah.  He was moved to another room since the AC in his room broke."  My heart was pounding in my throat!  But, took a breath and said, okay, thanks!  So, he was moved to a new room because his AC went out.  No wonder it was so hot!  Whew!  Turns out Dean wanted to call me, and asked the nurse to help him.  Instead of using the phone in his room (or his cell phone) she said "ok, be right back" (nurse talk for not coming back until your call light is on) and she called me from the nurse's desk.  Dean did get confused when she left and didn't come back, and apologized to me the next morning, not that it was needed, but he wanted to tell me so I wouldn't freak out, which of course I did.

Sunday, his new room is so much better!  He's just a few doors down so he has the same view of the parking garage of Prairie View A&M Hospital (just a wall), but at least it is cool and comfortable.  Ya know, if they would just have LISTENED TO US in the first place that the AC was broken!!!

So, Jake and I ate breakfast and then went to Walmart for lunch/dinner stuff.  When I came out and was packing the cooler, a big ole migraine hit!  DOH!  We went to the hospital and found out Dean didn't sleep too well - moving rooms and getting a new staff.  We are hoping we don't have to "start over" with new staff.  That is really difficult on Dean.

Linda, Dean's mom came by to help with Jake while we did some things then visited with Dean a short bit so she could get over to TIRR to see Durwood.  It's only about a 2 minute drive, could walk it but it's too DANG HOT outside!

Later that afternoon, I took Jake to Target to look at the toys and get some migraine medicine.  BC Powder now comes in Cherry flavor!  NICE!  He picked out two or three toys before settling on one - a spiderman motorcycle with action figure.  He was trying to choose between a talking hulk action figure, hulk "mashers" where the parts come apart and you can swap them with other similar toys (think captain america with a hulk arm), and Bumble Bee - transformer.  We had Bumble Bee in his hands and he said, mommy!  Mommy!  MOMMMMMMYYYYY!  I think I want the spider man toy.  So, we got that one!  Turned out to be a great decision, he LOVES IT!

And, WOW, it was FREAKISHLY HOT outside!  Heard later it got over 100 degrees on Sunday.  It was actually hard to breath out there!  Glad we stayed indoors!

After we got back from Target, Jake played with new toy and hot wheels then watched a few episodes of Umi Zoomi while laying with his Daddy (good Daddy Son time!) and I got to take a nap while the meds kicked in.  They did finally after a few hours, then I fixed dinner, Jake LOVES Chef Boyardee ravioli, but then again what kid (or adult for that matter) doesn't? Then, we headed home a little earlier than normal.

Jake had no nap on Sunday, and he feel asleep in the car on the way home.  We got home at 7pm and he barely woke up enough to get out of the car and into bed!  I just took off his shoes, let him sleep in his clothes, and he slept until 7am the next morning.  Takes a lot to play with Lego's, Yoda and a light saber, hot wheels, and watch Umi Zoomi, and play with spider man's motorcycle!

Let's hope the next couple of weeks go by fast!

Napping selfie.  I actually took this to see if he was sleeping or not. :)

Dean and Jake slept, so I did my toes!  :)  I love hot pink toes!

Jake making himself at home at the hospital, Lego's, Daddy's phone (cute the rope is his favorite game) and Yoda teaching him the was of the force! :)

So, Dean's new room is further down the hall from where he was.  One end of the building faces Rice University, and there's a nice waiting room with a TV and a microwave and water/ice machine.  We go there to look at the cars and watch people exercise in this awful heat!
The Other End, that's a different story.  It's apparently their floor's "storage".  Here's proof.  Look at all this stuff!  Oh, and there were about 10 floor fans here, not sure why the nursing staff "did't know where they kept the fans" last weekend when the AC started going out.

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