Friday, August 29, 2014

Hospital Updates, and AGGIE FOOTBALL 2014

Dean had a visit today with his Internal Disease doctor, numbers are all down, he's right on track!  There was some concern in the beginning since his numbers started so high that the ID Doctor thought it would take longer than estimated (6 weeks).  If his numbers continue to come down like this, may get off the IV dripps (BIG maybe, just a hint of maybe) mid to late next week (1st week of September).

Dale came over to help Dean get his macbook and Linda's iPad ready to do face time so if Linda and Durwood just wanna chat face to face, the can!  Thanks Dale for helping out!

We "had dinner" together (google hangouts, told you technology is awesome).  Jake is having issues acting up when we try to video and he completely looses any self control and does all kinds of misbehaving.  We are trying a "behavior chart" and he needs to keep it on "green".  It is starting to work, let's hope we can contain this bad and ignoring behavior.

We learned that his blood test numbers are still looking good.  We got unofficial news that when the IVs stop, he can go home.  However, it may be up to his wound doctor (at Memorial Herman - GREAT doctor really!)  He may suggest him stay a little longer to check him out since it will be difficult to get him back to Memorial Herman once we go home.  And, once we do go home, we may be able to rent one of the sand beds he's been using.  They are noisy, but they are effective.

Jake and I went to the hospital and had dinner.  A miracle!  Dean had Chicken fried steak that was actually pretty good!  Jake spent most of the time playing with his cars and play dough.  Good kid.

The unofficial news about coming home in a week is starting to be more official.  This is good news, but he will still need several weeks of down time for all the skin to heal properly.  He will continue to require the wound vac at home, not sure how long.

Durwood is doing well, he may come home as early as Sept 9th, but this causes issues as there are some logistics with their current home that may need to change.

Jake and I stayed home this evening.  Jake watered the grass for us, and the truck, and the chair I was sitting in, and himself.  We had a nice dinner of Chicken N' Biscuits while we "hung out" with daddy on the computer.  Homework and, then off to bath/bed routine.  He did really great tonight.

Started off good, Dean had a few visitors today, Brian came to see him at lunch, and Doug & Stacy stopped by after seeing Durwood at TIRR.  Jake and I brought up some "Football Food" - Cheeseburger bites and Boneless buffalo wings from Wing Stop - original hot, plane with honey mustard, mild, and Hawaiian.  They are so good at Wing Stop!

The big news of the day of course is that the Fighting Texas Aggies BTHO South Carolina - 52 to 28!!! Apparently NOBODY in the sports world picked the Aggies to win.  Now they know what all of us have know for years!  Never underestimate the Aggies!!!  I don't know what Coach Sumlin feeds his quarterbacks, but I hope he has plenty!  WHOOP!

Also, I just want to say that it pleased me to no end to see Ricky Seals-Jones do so well in the game, AND that he was wearing #9!  He's from my hometown Sealy, Texas, and I knew his Uncle (his namesake) Ricky Seals.  Seals was a star football player (and wore #9) and a track star who qualified for the State Track Meet as a sophomore in the 100m.  Unfortunately just after the Regional qualifying track meet, he was in a fatal car wreck.  It was a really terrible and sad day.  I'm just proud his legacy is continuing with his nephew AND it's just an added bonus he's an Aggie!  Gig 'em Ricky!

(from Sports

AND, the ASTROS won 2 to 4 agains the Rangers!  YES!  Let's Go Stros!
However, I'm pretty sad that the Texans lost to 40 to 13.  I sure hope we can pull off a better season than last year, and definitely better than the pre-season.

So, with moving to the new room, the staffing issues have returned.  And, I'm sure it's going to be really HORRIBLE this weekend since it's a holiday weekend.  He has not had the same Nurse/CNA two days in a row for the whole week.  We did find out that if they don't have enough staff for a shift, they get staff "from the agency" or other Kindred's in the Houston Area, as they did last night.  These staff members are not as skilled or apparently don't know the basics of human communication.  Not sure what's going on there.

I got off work early so I did some grocery shopping and got Jake early and headed out to the hospital. We enjoyed dinner - some bbq sandwiches,  and some extra time together. We just relaxed and watched some tv.  We are so ready for him to come home!!! Hopefully next week!  


Jake had SNAKE for Breakfast this week!!! :) 
 I love pinterest!

Watering the grass and washing the truck.

Learning after Dinner -

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