Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moving Day

Monday, 8/4/2014
After almost 2 weeks at Methodist Hospital, Dean was finally able to move to the long term acute care facility Kindred in the medical center. I did go to work on Monday as they told us his move would be that afternoon at 5 pm, or later that evening at 8 p.m. due to shift changes being between that time.  The ambulance drivers came by a little bit before 8.  Mind you that Kindred is only about a block or less away, but they still needed to use an ambulance.  Lots of work for a 1 minute drive.

As I'm walking down to the ambulance with Dean, my mom calls me that she can't find her car.  We have parked so often in so many different levels and garages its getting hard to remember where we did park.  I had to start taking pictures with my phone so I know where I'm parked each time!  So, I tell Dean I'm going to go help, and go out another door I can't get back from and the parking lot attendant finds her car just as the doors close behind me.  So, now i'm stuck walking to Kindred by myself.  The walking is not the issue, it's seriously just next door to the OPC which is connected via a bridge to Schurlock (sp??) tower, then Smith Tower, so I can walk most of the way in the safety of inside the hospital.  The walk is quite short, so I'm not too nervous about it, and I get there fast, but Dean did manage to get to the room before I did.

We waited until 8 so the staff at Kindred could get his bed and room ready, and we finally get there just about 8:30 or so only to find out that the bed was not ready and his room was barely ready. Thank goodness the Ambulance drivers stayed around until they got the air bed set up since he can't spend even 1 night on a regular hospital bed.  I actually overheard the supervisor nurse tell the bed/equipment guy that he had to get the bed ready while the guy was complaining that is was the end of his shift.  It's always tough to actually DO your job until the job is done, ya know???  ARGH!  Anyway, we didn't get settled until about 10:30 p.m. but we didn't leave until after 11.

So if you read the last blog post you heard about the incident that my mom Jake and I experienced while walking back from Herman park. Let's just say Mother and I will getting some pepper spray. There are crazy people at the Medical Center!!  If you do come to visit, please try not to come alone if it's after hours.  Seriously, its dangerous.  ALL the security guards and cops are telling us to start carrying pepper spray.

So, Tuesday morning, I took half a day off to go to Kindred to help him again get used to way things are run in Kindred, having arguments with the Nursing staff about when he takes his pills, because it's in the computer to take them at the wrong time.  Well, the computer is WRONG which is what we have been saying for 2 weeks while in Methodist, but have they listened or updated it?  NO!  He still has a few kinks like that to smooth out, but it will get there in time.  Most of the doctors and supervisors give us phone numbers to call if we need help getting things sorted, so we feel confident that once we get to know the nurses/staff, everything will be fine.

We are hoping for a more regular schedule from now on to the end of his stay at Kindred.  I may not be updating as much, just filling in here and there.  Please feel free to ask me for updates, and if you want to visit, please let me know!  There are no visiting hours at Kindred, it's open all the time, but again, try not to come alone after hours.  I'll fill you in on where to park if you contact me about visiting.


See!  I parked at SMITH TOWER on the 3rd floor on Monday! :)

Mother and Jake on Sunday Morning.  HOW awesome is this picture?

Monday - My Mom with Dean's doctor!  Nice Tie!

Jake going to School on Tuesday Morning.  
He INSISTED that his Giraffe be buckled in with him!

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