Friday, August 22, 2014

Four Weeks in

Wow, it's been 4 weeks!  The time seems to be going fast and slow at the same time!  I'm very grateful for my Mother spending so much time helping Dean while I'm at work.  She is doing so much for us!  And, she is really loving seeing Jake so much.

Dean is doing well, we finally have established that Dean needs good care, not nurses/techs that "don't care".  He has had pretty consistent help this last week, which we believe all his discussions with the doctors and the supervisors has finally paid off.  The food is still HORRIBLE, but he has found a few things he likes and found out he can do "write ins" when they have the bad food, stuff like chef salad and hamburgers and hot dogs can be written in anytime.  it also helps that My mother has been bringing stuff with her for him and I've made a few frozen breakfast items so he can have some home cooking.

Thursday, Dean's doctor (from Memorial Herman) came to Kindred to check things out, and we found out that one spot is healing very nicely, but part of the other spot is not healing, but at least half of it is.  He has suggested a Wound Vac, to be put on Monday.  He wanted to wait until after Dean's follow up with his surgeon on Friday.

Friday, he had a follow up with his surgeon.  He agreed with the wound doctor so wound vac it is. The good news is that the spot in question isn't very big so they are hopeful. And instead of waiting til Monday they put the vac on Friday afternoon.  Just means faster healing.

Durwood is doing well as well, he has moved out of the ICU and they are planning on moving him to TIRR in the medical center. From Linda:
Tues night-8/19/14 Durwood was moved out of ICU at ICON Hosp. and into a regular room. Baby steps each day. He is trying a little more each day to speak albeit still a raspy whisper. Do not know how long he will remain at this stage before he is transferred to a rehab hosp. We are trying to get him into TIRR-Houston. This is where we believe he will get the best rehab IF we qualify for him to be there.
This is good news as TIRR is not too far from Kindred, and I can take Jake to see him and we can Google Hangout with Dean. 

They did move Durwood to TIRR Friday night. Getting him settled, evaluated, and ready for recovery!

Technology ROCKS!
Sometimes technology is completely AWESOME!  Google Hang outs are allowing us to have dinner together like we did Thursday Night.  We had leftover night at our house, I had some very YUMMY chicken tacos made by a co-worker friend of mine (THANKS LISA!  OMG SO YUMMY!), and Jake had Pizza.  We also had a snack pack that had apples, cheese cubes, and grapes.  Jake put the cheese cubes on his pizza.  And, ate it all!  Dean approved as he loves cheese too!  And, hangouts allows Dean to see his Dad while they are both in the hospital.

Jake made Daddy some no bake Muffins!  He was really proud of these!
He did everything, smashed the bananas, mixed the oatmeal, strawberry jelly, nuts in, then spooned it into the muffin tin all by himself.  I did the peanut butter since its so sticky, but he topped it with the strawberries.
Very proud Mommy and Son!

Found a really GREAT Diet Coke

Bubbles, always fun with bubbles!

Cheese Cube Pepperoni Pizza :)

All he needs now is a shield!

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