Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend - full of activity!

Well, it was the weekend.  It was busy, but not busy.  Lots and lots going on, but not necessarily with Dean!  He had a good weekend, Talked to many doctors, and enjoyed good food.  My Mother stayed with my Dad in the evenings while he was staying in town for the Hunter's Show in NRG Center, so she got to be with him all weekend.

Jake, Mother, and I were at the hospital all day.  We woke up early to get there to spend the day with Dean.  Jake is such a good boy.  He really is doing well.  We got a chance to visit with all Dean's doctors today.  They all seem to be happy with his recovery from surgery and we had not heard if anything grew from the samples they took, so we are hoping the antibiotics are doing their thing.  I think we have 5 weeks left now.

We were able to enjoy some DELICIOUS spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch!  My project manager's wife cooked up some meat sauce for us, it was so good, ALL 4 of us had seconds, including Jake!  Then, after lunch Mother, Jake and I went to Herman park on the train (Hoot and Toot again!).  On the way out, the Piano Man was there and Jake had to stop and watch and listen.  Then, he played some songs to see if Jake knew them.  He started with our favorite, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and of course Jake sang while he played  The guy LOVED it!  Then Itsy Bitsy Spider and Mary had a little lamb.  The Piano man looked at me and said, "You read to him, a lot! Don't you!"  I smiled and said yes, we do!  And sing and dance and encourage music!  Then, Jake asked him to play one of his favorites, "We will rock you!"  :)  the guy laughed and said I don't know that one.

At the park, it was a rare day of absolutely gorgeous weather in August!  It was warm not HOT and everybody was enjoying the park that day.  Jake played on all the equipment he could get on, really had a great time!  Then, it was time to head back to the Hospital.  We decided to walk back since it was such a nice day, and we headed toward the intersection of Cambridge and Fannin through Herman park.  This is were it got interesting.  A man started walking towards us, I told mother to hold Jake's hand and as the man passed he grabbed my mother's leg and she elbowed him HARD and we kept walking.  I told her don't make an issue, lets just keep walking.  We just kept moving and we were discussing how nice it was to see all the families enjoying themselves.  Then, when we got to the street crossing, that man was RIGHT BEHIND US!  Staring at my mom!  We scooted across the street and he followed.  Mind you this was at 3 pm in the middle of the day!  We thought fast and ducked into Herman hospital right there on the corner.  He didn't follow us in, but he stopped outside, lit a cigarette and waited.  And, of course there was no security or cops anywhere!  So, fortunately I know my way around Memorial Herman, so we went out the back door, walked through some parking lots and made our way back to Fannin when we saw more people walking.  Mother looked to see if he was still back where we went in and he was but we were a block and a half away.  He didn't follow.  That was really scary!  But, my mother did manage to talk to a cop about it later and he said we did the best thing we could.  Get out of there and away in a most public way possible. He also suggested we don't go back there. It was enough to scare us to not go back to the park anyway (unfortunately) and not even drive by that intersection.

After all this, and after we calmed down a bunch, Jake laid down on the chair and took a nap.  an Hour Later, he woke up SCREAMING and pitched a major fit.  I had to take him out to the "Healing Garden", where he continued to cry for another 30 minutes or more.  But, that evening he said he was so upset because he was scared.  I think he didn't know where he was and it freaked him out a little.  As he put it, "I was all crazy in my head"!

We all went to the Hospital to spend the day with Dean.  He is really doing well, and his spirits are up more that we know where we are going and what we are doing for the next few weeks.  We heard more from doctors and got the go ahead from everybody (doctors, nurses, and insurance) to move to Kindred on Monday.

While I was helping Dean do some things, Mother took Jake to the lobby where the "Piano Man" was playing.  They had some singers there and the Piano Man asked Jake to get up there and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Of course he did, loud enough for everybody to hear, then, when everybody was clapping, he took a bow.  No, not kidding! Little showman he is!  :)  Then they played Itsy Bitsy Spider and he actually was walking around the "audience" doing all the right moves and then again bowed when he was finished.  I seriously could NOT be more proud!  :)

I again enjoyed the spaghetti from Saturday, it's really good, and then helped Dean with lunch, and we decided to go to the ZOO!  Another interesting story.  We know the medical center entrance is open on the weekends, but since we had that nasty scare the day before, we decided to go ahead and drive and park in the free parking lot so we don't have to walk.  MISTAKE!  The parking lot was full and we drove around for about 30 minutes looking for a spot, then ended up coming BACK to the medical center to park and walk anyway.  It was warmer than the day before, but we got to go to the Swap Shop because Jake had a rattle snake rattle AND a horny toad skull from the ranch.  He got 650 points his first visit!!!  Can you believe that?  We will be collecting more things for him to bring soon!  He even got extra points for knowing they were found on the ranch! :)  We then road the carousel, saw the Apes, Giraffes, Rhinos, and a few other animals, we went to the gift shop and my mother got Jake a Giraffe.  He decided to name him PeeWee, but calls him his "Horsey Giraffe" and wears him on his head.

After our short visit to the zoo, Jake sat on the chair again in the hospital and took a long nap.  Alfredo, my sister Dawn and her hubby David came for a visit, Jake woke up just enough to show them his giraffe, but sat on Alfredo's lap and quickly fell asleep again.  :)  Dawn and David stayed for a little bit, then I went to Goode Company BBQ and Mother, Daddy, Dean, Jake and I ate GOODE BBQ!  Yummy!

Monday is the big move.  I'll be updating when I know more!

Saturday's lunch of Yummy Spaghetti!!!

Saturday - Herman Park - Jake enjoying the swings at the park.

Saturday - Herman Park - Jake on the Tire Swing with Kevin (random friend he made at the park)

Dean wanted a snack, I didn't know what they had.  I took a picture and sent it to my mom so he could pick.  He got cookies.  :) 

A Sunday afternoon at the Zoo!
On the carousel

Waiving to Queenie!

Going into the African Forest - where the Apes are.  The Chips were not too close to the windows today, were in the shade in the back of the enclosure.

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